World Sales

26th July 2016



MW809 France. Portrait of a Lady. A uniface circular cast bronze plaque 1929 by Richard Dufour. Head and shoulders of plain lady facing left. 150mm Very fine. £45 (picture)

MW839 Belgium. Lamoral Count d'Egmont and Philipe Count de Horn. A bronze medal C1850 by Jouvenel. Conjoined busts facing right, inscription around. Rev. Lengthy inscription. 47mm Extremely fine. Possibly an unlisted medal from the Medallic Gallery of Belgian Celebrities. £20 (picture)

MW858 Australia. Adelaide Jubilee International Exhibition. A copper medal 1887 by E.A.Altmann, Melbourne. Robed, veiled and crowned bust of Queen Victoria facing left, inscription around. Rev. Inscription within an open wreath of foliage and flora. 75mm Extremely fine £75 (picture)

Plaques of Eugenie MB998, Goethe MB994 and Georges Cuvier MB996.

MW875 France. Tribute to Abel Blouet. A bronze medal  1853 by Domard, Head of Blouet facing left, inscription around. Rev. Biographical inscription. 72mm Extremely fine £45 (picture) Abel Blouet 1795-1853 Architect and member of the Beaux Arts Institute. Specialized in the design of prisons.

MW877 Germany. 500th Anniversary of the Heidelberg University. A bronze medal 1886 by Schwenzer. Draped bust of Fridericus Badarum Principal facing left, inscription around. Rev. A female figure dividing and supporting two ornamental medallions containg two busts facing each other, below, an inscription on an ornamental tablet, inscription around on a raised border.73mm. Extremely fine. £75 (picture)

MW889 France. Attendance. International Exposition Liege 1905. A bronze plaque 1905, by Vernon, one of the foremost French medallists. La France is welcomed to the expostion by Belgium, A Flemish young girl stands behind to present a bouquet of flowers. The scene is within the Expo building. Belgium holds a scroll dated 1830 to 1905.Rev. An inscribed riband around an olive branch, an inscription either side. Above is a detailed view across the city of Liege. 73mm x 64mm. A well executed medal, extremely fine. £75 (picture)

MW898 Belgium Frere Orban. Minister of Finance 1851. A broinze medal by Jouvenel 50mm (Forrer III/90)  Extremely fine. £40 (picture)

MW899 France. Erection of the statue to Napoleon. 1833. A plain edged bronze medal by Montagny. 23mm Near extremely fine. £25 (picture)

MW904 France. Death of Barnabe Brisson. 1828.  A bronze medal by Domard. 52mm (Collignon 558) Extremely fine. £45 (picture)

MW905 France. Transfer of the Ashes of the Duc D'Enghien. 1816. A bronze medal plain edged by Andrieu. 50mm (Collignon 93) Extremely fine. £70 (picture) Thje Duc D'Enghien 1772 - 1804  was condemned by Napoleon in 1804 and was shot and buried in the Vincennes Castle. His remains were transferred to the Chapel of Vincennes in 1816. 

MW906 France. Re-establishment of the statue of Henry IV 1817. A bronze medal original by Andrieu. 50mm (Collignon 105) Extremely fine £70. (picture)

MW907 France. First Anniversary of the Entry of Louis XVIII to Paris. 1815. A bronze medal by Andrieu and Dubois. 50mm (Collignon 60) Extremely fine £70 (picture)

MW911 France/Italy. Revolution of Genoa. 1797. An early 20thC bronze restrike by Vasallo.50mm (Forrer VI/206) Extremely fine. £45 (picture) Charles Guillaume Faipoult. Minister to the Republic of Genoa.

MW917 France. Birth of the King of Rome. A bronze restrike 1811 by Andrieu. 41mm Extremely fine. £35 (picture

MW923. Belgium. Abolition of Town Rates. 1860. A bronze medal by Leopold Wiener 75mm. Forrer Vol VI/494. Extremely fine, light mark on obverse £70 (picture)

MW924 France. Inauguration of the Eglise Saint Ambrose Paris 1869.A bronze medal by J.C.Chaplain. 72mm Divo 601. An early Chaplain medal, extremely fine. £65 (picture)

MW928 Belgium. Professor J.S.G.Nypels, Criminologist, 50th Anniversary. A bronze medal by E.L.Geerts 55mm Forrer Vol II/235. Extremely fine £30 (picture)

MW929 Dutch. Death of Ary Scheffer Painter 1860. A lovely portrait bronze medal by M.C.Devries Jnr. 64mm Forrer Vol I/577. Extremely fine £65 (picture)

MW931 Belgium.Victor August Isidor Dechamps. Cardinal, Archbishop of Malines 1868. A bronze medal by Charles Wiener, 60mm Forrer Vol VI/482. Mahogany toning, near extremely fine. £45 (picture)

MW932 Switzerland. Ernest Naville of Geneva. 1890. A bronze medal by Hugues Bovy 60mm. Illustrated in Forrer Vol I/482. Good extremely fine. £45 (picture)  Ernest Naville, theologian and advocate of proportional representation.

MW934 Belgium. Felix Lambrecht, Minister of the Interior. 1871. A bronze medal by Borrel. 68mm Forrer Vol I/225. Extremely fine £40 (picture)

MW935 Dutch. Peter Francis Xav de Ram. Rector of Luvain University. 1859. A bronze medal by Jouvenel 60mm Forrer III/90 Extremely fine £38. (picture)

MW936 Belgium. Auguste Delfosse 1858. A bronze medal by Constant Jehotte. 60mm Forrer Vol III/67. Extremely fine £38. (picture) Delfosse, lawyer, industrialist and liberal politician.

MW937 France. C. Dufresne du Cange 1610 - 1688. A bronze medal by Depaulis, struck in 1849 to commemorate the erection of a statue in Amiens. 60mm Dark chocolate toned obverse, reverse patchy, otherwise extremely fine. £20 (picture) The statue was presented by the Antiquarian Society of Picardie.

MW938 France Baron Sylvestre de Sacy 1838. A bronze medal by Depaulis 60mm Forrer Vol I/557 Minor edge ding otherwise very fine. £18 (picture) Baron Silvestre Linguist and orientalist 1758-1838

MW940 Belgium. Brussels International Exhibition 1897. A heavy bronze medal by Jules Lagae for Wolfers Bros of Brussels.69mm Forrer Vol III/267 and illustrated on 268. Extremely fine, lovely tone and in the original circular card case of Wolfers Brothers. £40 (picture)

MW943 France. M.L.P.Felix Esquiro de Parieu. 1868 A bronze medal by Valentin Maurice Borrel 68mm. Forrer Vol I/224. Extremely fine and cased. £55. (picture) Held a number of learned and political positions. Minister of Public Instruction and culture 1849-51.

MW944. France. Doctor Paul le Tellier 1933. A bronze plaque by Jean Vernon 65mm x 80mm Extremely fine and cased. £40 (picture) President of the French Homeopathic society

MW945 Belgium/France. General Charles Niellon. 1833. A bronze medal by Hart. 50mm Forrer Vol II/433. £45 Extremely fine. (picture)

MW946 France. Pierre Jean Beranger 1857.A bronze prize medal by Massonet 50mm.  Forrer Vol III/603 £20 Extremely fine (picture) Jean Pierre Beranger, 1780-1857. Author, Poet and  Songwriter. An unattributed music or poetry prize medal.

MW947 Denmark. 400th Anniversary of the establishment of Copenhagen University 1879. A bronze medal by Schmahlfeld and Christessen 52mm. Reverse slightly patchy otherwise extremely fine and rare. £45 (picture)

MW948 Belgium. Pierre Simons 1843. A bronze medal by Veyrat. 50mm. Extremely fine. £35. (picture) Pierre Simons 1797-1843. Railway pioneer, studied the Liverpool-Manchester railway. A leader in the construction of the Belgian Railway.

MW949 Belgium. Frere Orban 1851. A bronze medal by Jouvenel 50mm. Forrer Vol III/90, Extremely fine £30 (picture) Finance Minister

MW952 Belgium. Charles Liedts, Governor of Hainaut 1846. A bronze medal by J. Leclercq. 55mm Forrer Vol III/365.  Extremely fine £35 (picture) Charles Liedts, 1802-1878. Liberal Politician, President of the Chamber of Representatives.

MW953. Belgium. Hotel de Ville de Gand 1851. A bronze medal by J. Wiener.50mm.  Extremely fine £50 (picture)

MW954 Norway. Oslo University Commemorative 1872. A bronze medal by Conradsen. 52mm About extremely fine.£26 (picture)

MW955 Holland/France. Ary Scheffer. Inauguration of the statue at Dordrecht 1862. A bronze medal by J.P.V.D.Kellen. 58mm  Forrer Vol III/136 Extremely fine £60 (picture). Ary Scheffer 1795-1858 Dutch romantic painter working in Paris.

MW956 Belgium. Frere Orban. Abolition of Credit/awards. 1860. A bronze medal by Jouvenel, 60mm Forrer Vol III/90 light patch on obverse otherwise extremely fine. dark chocolate colour. £35 (picture)

MW959Belgium. Engelbert Sterkz Archbishop of Malines made Cardinal. 1838. A bronze medal by J. Leclercq 55mm Forrer Vol III/365 Extremely fine £38 (picture)

MW960 Belgium. B.G. DuMortier Politician 1859. A bronze medal by J. Leclercq 55mm Forrer Vol III/516 Extremely fine £28 (picture)

MW961 Switzerland. J. Jacob Burlamaqui 1748. A copper medal by J. Dassier. 54mm  Forrer Vol I/516, Esler II/105. Good very fine and scarce. £70 (picture)

MW963 Papal, British. Pius IX elected Pope. 1846. A bronze medal by J. Weiss and Allen and Moore, Birmingham. 44mm Spink 2230. Extremely fine £45 (picture

MW965 Germany. Religeous topic C1840. A silver medal by L.Held for G Loos. 36mm Forrer II/470. Biblical references both obverse and reverse. Prooflike and extremely fine. SOLD (picture)

MW967 Germany. Einrich Kellinghussen 1842. A bronze medal by Carl Heinrich Lorenz. 42mm About extremely fine £30 (picture) Heinrich Kellinghusen, 1796-1879. Mayor of Hamburg.

MW968 Switzerland. Antoine Leger Geneva, theologian 1719. A copper medal by J. Dassier. 34mm About extremely fine. £45 (picture)

MW969 France. Arc de Triomphe of Faubourg Saint Antoine. 1670. A bronze medal by Molart?50mm  Extremely fine £60 (picture) A scarce Paris restrike, The 21st effigy of Louis XIV.

MW971 France. Inauguration of the aqueduct at Boudry. 1867.A Bronze medal by Fritz Landry. 44mm Forrer Vol III/290 Extremely fine. £18 (picture)

MW972. Belgium. Albert and Isabelle. Celebrated Belgians 1848. A bronze medal by Jouvenel. 46mm. From the series of 12 medals of celebrated Belgians. Forrer Vol III/90. Extremely fine. £30 (picture)

MW973. France. Embellishment and expansion of Paris. 1670 A plain edged copper medal by Mauger? 41mm Divo 116. About very fine. £55 (picture)

MW974 France. Count de Chateaubriand. 1844. A copper medal by A. Bovy after Girodet. 41mm Forrer Vol I/246. Extremely fine edge mark antique lamp (1830-1848) £55 (picture) Francois Rene Viconte Chateaubriand, writer,politician, diplomat and historian

MW975. France. Defeat of the Duke of Bavaria. 1648. A bronze medal by Mauger. 41mm Extremely fine, Paris Mint restrike. £22 (picture)

MW977 Holland. Dr. P.J.H. Cuypers 1885. A bronze medal by J.P.M.Menger  50mm Forrer Vol IV/26 Extremely fine £40 (picture) Dr Cuypers, 1827-1921 Architect. Well known for his work on Amsterdam Railway Station 1881-1889 and the Rijks Museum 1876-1885. This medal marks the opening of the Ryks Museum.

MW980 France. Dola Captured for a Second Time. 1674. A plain edged bronze medal by Mauger. 41mm Extremely fine tiny hole in edge for suspension. £70 (picture) The ancient Dola was the meeting of several roads. Until 1648 it was the capital of Franche Comte and seat of Parliament and university. In 1479 the town was taken by Louis XI and was completely destroyed. It came in to the hands of Maximilian of Austria and in 1530 was fortified by Charles V. In 1668 it was captured by the French and again in 1674.

MW981 France. P.A.Delanneau 1825.  A bronze medal by E. Gatteaux 50mm Forrer Vol II/207.Extremely fine. Die crack on reverse. £15 (picture) Pierre Victor Antoine Delanneau 1758-1830.

MW983. France. Francois Mazois 1828. A bronze medal by Barre, 50mm Forrer Vol VII/51. Extremely fine. £20 (picture) Francois Mazois, 1783-1826. Architect, archeologist and writer. Wrote his Magnum Opus on 'The Ruins of Pompei'.

MW987 France. Preparation for War C1910, A bronze medal by Coudray, 68mm. Extremely fine. £35 (picture)

MW988 France. 'Le Nid' A silvered bronze plaque by Daniel Dupuis.32mm x 65mm. Perhaps the most famous of Daniel Dupuis's work. Past cleaning and very fine. The plaque used to mark the 50th anniversary of the 'Societe Nationale des orphenistes 1852-1902. £48 (picture)

MW989 France 'Orpheus'. A bronze medal by Coudray 68mm. This medal is amongst Coudrays principle works. Extremely fine and a later strike, unattributed. £40. (picture)

MW990 Belgium. Liege marks theCentenary of the Country. 1930. A silvered bronze plaque by J. Brouns and Adelin Salle, 55mm x 70mm. The medal shows Zenobe Gramme a, electrical engineer 1826-1901, a famous son of Liege. Toned and about extremely fine SOLD (picture)

MW994 Belgium. Paul Van Hoegaerden. 1919. A bronze medal by Georges Petit. 70mm. Almost extremely fine £30 (picture) Paul Van Hoegaerden 1858-1922. Congressman, senator and minister of state. During the first world war he set up many social programmes to help the population. He was a popular figure.

MW995 Sweden. Adolf Af Jochnick 1942. A bronze medal by Erik Lindberg, 65mm Extremely fine. £25 (picture) Insurance executive and government officer. Struck to mark his contribution to the Swedish Life Insurance Institution.

MW996 Sweden. Karl Herlitz 1920. A bronze medal by Erik Lindberg. 56mm. Extremely fine. £25 (picture) Herlitz 1853-1935 Insurance industry executive and alderman. 

MW998 Belgium. Amedee Begault 1927. A bronze medal by Bonnetain 60mm About extremely fine.£22 (picture) President of the International Congress of Actuaries 1895-1927

MW1002 Belgium. Edmond Dugniolle C1920 A bronze plaque by Charles Samuel 47mm x 60mm Extremely fine £20 (picture)

MW1003 Belgium. Lieutenant Colonel Smeyers 1928. A bronze laudatory medal by Devreese 70mm. Extremely fine £35 (picture) Military Aviator

MW1005. France. Doctor Frederic Justin Collet 1939. A bronze medal by Linossier, 60mm. Extremely fine £30 (picture) F.J.Collet, 1870-1966. French otolaryologist at the faculty in Lyon. Lengthy career in medicine.

MW1007 France. Maurice Jansen 1930 A bronze medal by Bonnetain 60mm Very fine £10 (picture)

MW1009. France. Ferdinand Piercot. Bourgmaster, Liege . A bronze medal 1852 by C. Jehotte  60mm Extremely fine £40 (picture)

MW1010. Austria. Rudolph Von Eitelbergen. A bronze medal 1886 by Stephen Schwartz, 62mm Forrer Vol V/426. Extremely fine £40 (picture) Director of Museums Vienna

MW1013 France. International Exposition, Paris 1937.  A gilt tin box medal 1937 containing a number of photographic roundels. 57mm. A very unusual item for the Expo collector. Extremely fine. SOLD (picture)

MW1017. France. Paris 1900 Expo/Olympic year. Monnaie de Paris Celebrates. A bronze medal 1900 by Daniel Dupuis 50mm Extremely fine, tiny carbon spot.SOLD. (picture)

MW1018 France. Commemoration of the 10th of August 1792. A copper medal 1792 by Duvivier, 41mm Extremely fine £80 (picture) On the 10th of August 1792  the palace at Tuileries was stormed by a mob which overwhelmed and massacred the Swiss guard to gain access to the Royal Family who had been sheltering there. They fled across the gardens and sought refuge elsewhere.

MW1020 Belgium. Hommage to Nicaise de Keyser. A bronze medal 1872 by Leopold Wiener. 68mm Forrer Vol VII/239. Extremely fine £70 (picture) The medal celebrates the inauguration of the Painters Museum in Antwerp.

MW1021 France. Napoleon III portrait medal. A bronze medal C1865 by H. Ponscarme, 68mm Extremely fine SOLD (picture) The award medal is engraved as a souvenir of a visit to Paris in 1866

MW1022 Austria. Carl Freiherr von Scheuchenstuel 1864 A superb bronze medal 1864 by Karl Radnitzky 70mm Forrer Vol V/14 Extremely fine £80 (picture)

MW1023 France. Inauguration of the tomb of Napoleon I A bronze restrike of the medal 1853 by F.A. Oudine Magnificent £50 (picture)

MW1024 France The French Committee for Foreign Expositions. A bronze plaque 1899 by L. Bottee.  42mm x 64mm Extremely fine £40 (picture) Awarded to T. L. Michau

MW1028 France. Eugene Sue A bronze medal 1846 by E. Rogat. 50mm Forrer Vol V/196 Extremely fine £30 (picture) Eugene Sue, 1804-1857 Novelist and Politician

MW1029 Belgium. Dr Joseph Dieudonne. a bronze medal 1865 by Leopold Wiener 58mm. Extremely fine. £40 (picture) President of the Brussels Society fro Science, Medicine and Nature, 1852-1865

MW1033 Argentina. Commercial and Technical Institute opened. A bronze medal 1909 by J. Gottuzzo 77mm x 55mm Extremely fine £35 (picture)

MW1035 Austria. Jubilee of an Austrian Athletic Association. A bronze plaque C1921 by Ordner 32mm x 60mm. Extremely fine £20 (picture)

MW1036 Argentina. Inauguration of Soup Kitchens in Buenos Aires. A brass plaque 1925 by Constante Rossi. 40mm x 60mm Extremely fine £20 (picture)

MW1038 Germany. Franz Von Lenbach A cast bronze medal by Hermann Hahn C1900. 68mm Extremely fine £70 (picture) Franz Von Lenbach, artist 1836-1904. Although ennobled on 1882, to Von Lenbach, this medal reflects his status before this time. Forrer reflects this being a medal shown in New York in 1910. In 1885 Lenbach quoted "I intend to build a palace for myself that will eclopse everything the world has seen, it will link the power centres of European high art to the world of the present.

MW1039 Germany. Friederich Greiner. A cast bronze plaque 1903 of his father by Dr, Daniel Greiner Forrer Vol VII/395 78mm Extremely fine £60 (picture)

MW1041 Germany. Dr. Ludwig Ganghofer. A cast iron? medal 1915 by ? (signed but illegible) 97mm Extremely fine £60 (picture) Ludwig Ganghoffer 1855 to 1920 Novelist and Playwright. Volunteered as a war correspondent in 1915 . Medal struck to mark his 60th Birthday

MW1042 France Emile Dupont. President of the Committee for Foreign Expositions. A bronze plaque 1911 by F. Vernon. Extremely fine £45 (picture)  Emile Dupont was the President of the French Committee for overseas expositions and President of the International federation for permanent expositions. Additionally, he was the President of the French section at the Glasgow Exhibition of 1901, The saint Louis Expo of 1904 and the London Exhibition of 1908.

MW1043 France. Marechal Foch A cast bronze plaque 1918 by Auguste Maillard 115mm Extremely fine £60 (picture) 

MW1047 France Industrial and horticultural Exposition, Beauvais. A bronze medal 1885 by Bescher. 63mm Good very fine. SOLD (picture)

MW1048 Belgium. Cardinal-Archbishop Victor Augustus Isidore Dechamps   A bronze medal 1868 by Charles Wiener. 60mm  Forrer Vol VI/482 About extremely fine £40 (picture)

MW1051 Belgium. International Exposition. Antwerp. A bronze medal 1885 by A. Fisch. 50mm Extremely fine £32 (picture) 

MW1054 France. International Exposition Paris. Mayors Banquet. A bronze plaque 1900 by F. Vernon 48mm x 64mm Extremely fine £55 (picture)

MW1055 Belgium. International Universal Exposition. Ghent. A bronze plaque 1913 by G. Devreese 70mm x 69mm Extremely fine. £38 (picture)

MW1065 Geneva. Andre Hercule, Cardinal de Fleury .A bronze medal 1736 by Jean Dassier 55mm Extremely fine £65 (picture)

MW1066 Austria. Francis and Maria Theresa's posterity. A bronze medal set in a small dish/bowl 1759 by Anton Wideman. 55mm  Forrer  Vol VI/467  About extremely fine. £60 (picture)

MW1067 Italy. Paolo de Ragusa.  Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta. A bronze cast medal 1446 by Pisanello. 82mm. A lightly cleaned bronze plaque, a few marks,  otherwise a very fine cast. £SOLD (picture) Reference  Sir George Hill, medals of the Renaissance,  attributes this medal to Pisanello. A similar medal was produced by  Matteo de Pasti, although the obverse bears a different inscription The reverse of the medal shows the Castle Sigismondon at Rimini.

THE FOLLOWING MEDALS ARE A SMALL COLLECTION OF EARLY FRENCH MEDALS RESTRUCK AT THE 'MONNAIES DE PARIS' These medals are struck from original dies and as such are excellent examples at a fraction of the cost of medals of the period. They reflect the quality of the art of the medal produced in the 17th century. The reference numbers refer to the Catalogue General Volume 1  Illustre des editions de la Monnaie de Paris. De l'Antique a Louis XVI. and Volume 2 de la 1st a la 3rd Republic.

MW1068R  Assiduite de Louis XIV aux Conseils. A bronze medal 1661 by Joseph Roettiers. 72mm CG171G As struck, lightly laquered. £48 (picture)

MW1070R Les Invalides. A bronze medal 1675 by Jean Mauger, 68mm CG190D Extremely fine £50 (picture) Only 400 examples 

MW1071R Prise de Besancou. A bronze medal 1674 by Jerome Roussel, 72mm GC187I. Extremely fine and toned. SOLD (picture)

MW1072R Naissance du Dauphin. A bronze medal 1638 by Molart 68mm GC137F. Extremely fine and toned. £50 (picture)

MW1074R Pais Des Pyrenees. A bronze medal 1660 by Jean Mauger 68mm  CG169F. Extremely fine £50 (picture)

MW1076R Chateau de Versailles. A gilt bronze medal 1687 by Michel Molart 72mm CG205H. Extremely fine £50 (picture)

MW1077R Construction de L'Hotel Des Monnaie de Paris. A bronze medal 1770 by Charles Norbert Roettiers 63mm CG281E Extremely fine £48 (picture)

MW1078R Devise de Louis XIV A bronze medal 1674 by Jean Mauger/Warin 81mm CG187G As Struck £55 (picture)

MW1079R Naissance du Dauphain. A bronze medal 1601 by Guillaume Dupre 99mm CG130A As struck £80 (picture)

MW1080R Baptism of the King of Rome. A bronze medal 1811 by Bertrand Andrieu 68mm CG78D Extremely fine £60 (picture)

MW1081R Baptism as the King of Rome. A bronze medal as MB1080R but 115mm Extremely fine £90 (picture)

MW1082R Battle of Jena A bronze medal 1806 by Andrieu, 41mm CG61I Extremely fine SOLD (picture)

MW1083R Orphelines de la Legion d'Honneur. A bronze medal 1810 by Alexis Depaulis  41mm CG76B Extremely fine £48 (picture)

MW1084R Le Canal de L'Ourcq. A bronze medal 1809 by Bertrand Andrieu 41mm  CG71G Extremely fine £48 (picture)

MW1085R Avenement au Consulat. A bronze medal 1800 by Louis Michel Petit 50mm CG28A Extremely fine £45 (picture)

MW1086R Napoleonic. The Bank of France.  A bronze medal 1800 by Droz 68mm CG68E Extremely fine £60 (picture) Bramsen 915

MW1087R Louis XV and Marie Antoinette. A bronze medal 1781 by B. Duvivier 72mm CG303H Extremely fine £50 (picture)

MW1088R Jerome Napoleon King of Westphallia A bronze medal 1815 by Louis Jaley 63mm CG85I Extremely fine £45 (picture)

MW1089R Portrait Luois XIV. A bronze trial uniface by ? the 33rd effigy 86mm CG146 A magnificent portrait medal extremely fine SOLD (picture)

MW1090 France. Notre Dame de Lorette. A bronze medal 1823 by Gayard and Domard 56mm Collignon 385 Good very fine SOLD (picture) Laying the foundation stone.

MW1091 Belgium. Mathieu Ignatius Van Bree. A bronze medal 1839 by Hart 68mm, Forrer Vol II/433. A superb medal Extremely fine and toned. SOLD (picture) Van Bree, painter and Directot of the Antwerp Academy. 

MW1092 Switzerland. International Postal Exhibition Zurich. A bronze medal 1893 by Hugues Bovy 70mm  Extremely fine and rare. SOLD (picture)

MW1093 Belgium. Charles Rogier Minister of the Interior. Hygiene Congress. A bronze medal 1852 by Leopold Wiener. 68mm. Wiener Vol VI/493 Extremely fine Superb workmanship. SOLD (picture)

MW1094 Belgium. 25th Anniversary of Belgium Independance. A bronze medal 1855 by Leopold Wiener. 75mm Forrer Vol VI/493. Extremely fine £100 (picture)

MW1095 Belgium. Leopold II Accession and taking the Oath of Office. A bronze medal 1865 by Leopold Wiener. 75mm Forrer Vol VI/494. Extremely fine £110 (picture)

MW1096 Belgium. Blankenberge Exposition 1898. A gilt bronze medal 1898 Prooflike field, almost as struck £38 (picture)

MW1097 France. International Exposition, Palais Royal  Paris1904. A gilt copper medal 1904 by S.Kinsburger 58mm A scarce medal, extremely fine £35 (picture)

MW1098 Belgium. Charleroi Exposition 1911. A bronze medal 1911 by A. Mauquoy 60mm Very fine £25 (picture)

MW1099 Belgium. Charles de Broukere, Mayor of Brussels. A bronze medal 1860 by Leopold Wiener 70mm Forrer Vol VI/494. Light scratches, otherwise good very fine.SOLD (picture)